Matt Campbell----Hot Commodity

Lot of talk about the job Matt Campbell is doing at Iowa St…I had posted a link earlier to an article on how expensive it would be to get him away from ISU and there was a video where he credited the biggest influence on him as a coach…drum roll…The guy is Larry Kehres who had 16 Division III championship game appearances, 11 Championships at Mt Union. He was 230-8 in conference games!

Iowa St. next 3 games
TCU- Home

He would be a great hire for us.

We should also ensure ability to hire the single best mid south recruiting director in the country - and should tell any perspective coach we are prepared to pay double what any other recruiting department in the country spends to have the best.

Campbell that is would be great.

Maybe the other guy too.

Ha…I was gonna say which one?

Read a story on football scoop that his buy out is north of $9m

Equal value of this remaining contract thru 2021


Arkansas can’t pretend it can win at the higher top football program
levels more consistently by only spending middle of the pack.

We have to spend more than most for the best coaches and recruiting office - maybe considerably more if we are ever going to be a big.

Spend like you have middle of the pack expectations and we should not be surprised with the results.

What is his style of play??

This is only his second year at Iowa St. Not sure he would bolt that soon.

I understand he has a good resume. But is he a good fit? He has no ties to the south or to Texas. Would he be able to recruit here? Could he hire a staff that could compete in the SEC? If I am going with an up and comer I am going for one with some ties to the above areas.

He has Paul Rhoades recruits on the field. In 3 weeks see what everyone has to say about him.
Consider Jeremy Pruitt DC at Bama.
Brent Venables DC at Clemson.
Those are 2 names of coaches that can recruit and know defense.

Campbell buyout is in excess of $9M!