Matt, are you surprised

That Harold Coll hasn’t played?

Don’t he pitch yesterday?

You are thinking of Coil. Harold Coll is a SS.

Coll is battling a back injury.

Could he be a 3rd base possibility? How about Holt?

I haven’t given up on on Cali. Just asking.

I don’t see Holt or Coll playing third base.

At this point I would say the candidates there are Cali, Jones and Slavens. Maybe Robinett if he hits a lot.

Robinett is from my part of the world. (I went to high school with a girl with that last name, I wonder if she is his aunt or great aunt?) I was hoping to see good things yesterday. He almost hit one out, but then had a big error.

There are some Robinetts in Conway too.

Yes there are. I grew up in North East Arkansas, but have lived in Conway for almost 30 years, one Robomett went to school with my oldest, they were pretty close friends for several years.

Won’t be shocked to see Holt at 3B Wednesday, guess we will see.

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