Matt, any idea if we are going to see

kneeling on the men’s team tonight?

For all our sakes I sure hope not. If the board blew up last night and today over the women’s team, I don’t want to think about what it will be like if this happens on the men’s side.

Second question, to avoid this whole issue can’t they just play the National Anthem earlier in the pregame? Before the players are on the court?

I would be very surprised if you see that with the men’s team.

I’m sure the anthem could be played before the players took the floor, but it would take some reworking of the pregame script that has been in place for years. The shoot-around probably complicates things some.

Not Matt, but unlike the ladies, the men have already gone through two national anthems with all of them standing.

So I wouldn’t suspect there would be anything different.

I am still trying to figure out the way I want to approach this topic in regards to Arkansas, but I have come to two conclusions.

I always stand for the national anthem, hat off, hand on heart. Always will.

The other, I notice there are a few that have said they will no longer support the women’s basketball team because of this.

I wonder if the same reaction would happen for the football team if Devwah Whaley, Deatrich Wise or Josh Liddell did it today or D-Mac and Felix back in the day.

Would the fans saying they will no longer support the football team and would you blame Coach Bielema?

DD that is a great question, one I have asked myself since this came up last night. I fully admit it is easier to say “forget you” to women’s basketball or heck, men’s golf, than it is to men’s football, basketball or baseball (or track).

Have you ever been watching a game and thought in advance “I am going to root for team A” and find that you are rooting for team B? I have, happens several times a year to me. Sometimes you have to face the situation “live” before you know how you are going to react. I can tell you for NOW, if this happened with the football team or men’s basketball team, I THINK I would said “I am done.” But just like in the Texas vs. Baylor game last week, it is possible I will change my thoughts after the “game starts.”

I will also tell you that for ME it wasn’t nearly as much what the players did (didn’t like it, don’t get me wrong) but how the coach and AD handled it. I really really wanted more of a “they are free to do this, but I think they are wrong to do it” approach. That is simplistically said, and I know it would need to be said better etc., but that is the 20,000 foot look at it.

What most of us have missed is that the girls came here on a basketball scholarship … their politics or lack there of is going to distrupt the team and most likely divide it , puts coach is a tough spot.

I can obviously speak for only myself but yes, I would react the same way if the football team did it. I’ve been a die-hard fan for as long as memory serves but if it happened, I would be done. God, family, country, then everything else, including Hogs. There are other, more appropriate, ways to protest alleged bias than to alienate fans. Entertainment dollars can be used elsewhere. About 15% of the NFL fans from last year think so anyway.

Do you really think accepting a scholarship means they forfeit their right to have an opinion and to express that opinion?

While I support anyone right to protest in a variety of ways, be that flag burning, speeches, kneeling, etc, The issue I have here is not with the protest. The issue I take with this is that there are inherent obligations accepted when you choose to wear a uniform, no matter if thats military, police, firemen, football, basketball, or even factory worker. That uniform is a symbol of something beyond the individual, it represents a group or organization. That group has placed faith in you and trusted you enough to grant you the perks or pay that come along with said uniform while also trusting you to represent them to the highest standards and best of your abilities. When you choose to wear it, you are no longer an just an individual, you are the face of that organization. So when you protest as a representative of that organization, its no longer just you exercising your rights, its you dragging your group along for the ride as well. Anything you do in that uniform that can damage or alienate people against your group is a totally selfish move. This is a polarizing issue, to think otherwise is just foolish. Not everyone that supports the group will feel as you do and it can damage the brand on a PR level and a monetary level. By all means feel free to spend your own time protesting until the cows come home, your time is your own to say or represent what ever beliefs you care deeply for. Just remember that when you choose to wear that uniform, you have obligations beyond self and you must hold your brand to the highest of standards and do nothing to damage it. If you feel those two things are in conflict and you cannot separate the “me” from the “team” and you feel your need to protest is greater than the obligations you owe to your “team”, then perhaps you should have convictions strong enough to take off the uniform and give up your perks and say, I can no longer be silent and I need to dedicate myself to changing the issues. To try and keep both the perks and the provided platform but ignore the obligations is selfish in the extreme. Its nothing more than a ME moment, just another social justice selfie that serves nothing!

At least as far as when they are wearing that uniform, yes I do. You tow the company line or support the company brand, at the least you do nothing that could damage the brand. When you “CHOOSE” to accept that scholly, you also choose to support the brand by representing it when your in uniform. No one forced that decision on them, they choose it. So honor the obligations on company time, but spend your free time chanting and protesting til you pass out. That is a whole different ball of wax.