Matt any chance we can the current weights

I would love to have everybodys weight so we can really see how much they change…would love to see their lifting numbers too but for some reason that is never released.

I asked for updated weights at the beginning of the season and was referred to the media guide. Typically the only numbers you get from the weight room are what the players voluntarily share.

Why did they not want to give you current weights? also why aren’t the lifting # released nothing like seeing your # go public to make you want to work extra hard…

Maybe because traditionally, program weights and such are not very accurate.

Im pretty sure they max out enough for you to know…you have to know if the program is working…

I would not release weight lifting numbers if I was coach. I point you back to Mark Bokermann. He had two shoulder surgeries and had to start over on bench press. It was released and some on message boards went crazy without knowing why it was low. That was last time I saw an Arkansas coach release weight lifting numbers.

As far as roster listing of actual weights, it’s tough because there are fluctuations week to week. I’ve never seen anything listed at end of season. Not any program does that.

I think you get weights on a spring roster and start of fall. That’s twice a year to get them updated. I do not expect that to change.

I would not list lifting numbers with players like Brokermans and those who are are not at full strength but would be nice to know what they start the program with and what they are at the end of summer. I was just curious to what they were but I have never seen them released so just wishful thinking it’s the only true way to tell who’s really changed though IMO.

Yeah, I’m just saying I understand why they don’t put that stuff out. The strength coach could go through the list and remove the injured players, then you’d have more information about weaknesses, etc. I just think they believe that’s confidential information.

I talked Danny Ford and Houston Nutt into giving me that information in the early days of our magazine. We were the only place that deemed it interesting. Then there started to be questions at Razorback Club meetings about this or that guy’s lifting. The coach said he couldn’t explain an injury because that’s against HIPPA laws, so he couldn’t tell them a player was hurt and that’s why the numbers were not as good in some lifts.

Houston told me that it shouldn’t be published because he wasn’t allowed to talk about injuries, and so it wasn’t any more.

I have talked to high school coaches who thought it was confidential and shouldn’t be shared outside the lifting room. He didn’t want the opposing coaches to know about a weaker player that he couldn’t hide because of depth issues. I guess it goes to figure that it should not be printed if that’s what it will be used for. I get it.

So as it is in today’s world, there are going to be instances cited that are gains. You will hear a coach or weight coach brag on a player for setting the standard or breaking a record. But that is going to be the extent of weight room numbers.

When we interview players, we routinely ask them about weight, where it seems interesting. But it’s not going to be reported except about twice a year.

yeah I figured there was a reason for it.i can see what why they don’t, just wished I knew who was really working and progressing and who’s not…

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That is measured in days and feet. :frowning: