Matt and Scottie, your upper management did you no favor ------------------

--------------------------- taking advantage of Clay’s retirement to get rid of Dudley. You guys are going to have your hands full filling the gap that Clay leaves and now, there are a lot of angry subscribers not happy at all. There is no way you can match Clay’s contacts with lettermen and former coaches who shared so many insights with him over the years. Clay’s experience and insightful analysis is going to be very hard to replace. Analytics and Podcasts are OK but knowledge and experience mean much more to most of us. Frankly, I don’t think Richard can take on Dudley’s role successfully. I don’t see anyway there will not be a huge drop in quality and quantity of knowledge and “insider information” on this board. When Clay and Dudley leave, there will not be many “insiders” left. It looks like some “bean counters” are finally in control so that means it will be “cash flow over excellence” and you guys don’t need that if you are going to succeed. Firing Dudley will probably not be the last “penny wise and pound foolish” move on their part.


Why do you feel the need to tell Matt and Scottie this? Look, I am as disappointed as anyone that Clay and Dudley are departing. But a lot of you people are making statements like this without knowing all of the facts, or really any of the facts whatsoever. You are speculating. Frankly, Matt and Scottie deserve better than this. They have worked hard, have inside sources, and will do a fine job I’m sure going forward. I don’t really understand it. Don’t take it out on them.


You guys have gotten more than “analytics and podcasts” from me since I started. And you’ll continue to get that. Thanks.


Hogmodo, this is uncalled for. It sucks that Clay is retiring and Duds got the shaft, but to disrespect the work the rest of the team puts in is ridiculous. We get excellent content from everyone that contributes here, and you darn well know it.

Please be respectful of those that are busting their tail to deliver good content to you.


None of us on here know all the ins and outs on this. It is irresponsible to be preaching to Scottie and Matt.

And I am going to say what no one else is willing to say: we don’t know the reasons Dudley was terminated… it’s possible….just possible, it could be warranted. Not saying it is, I don’t know any of those parties involved. But sometimes it’s foolish to blow the horn when you don’t all the facts.


Not that is does not feel the same to Dudley or those of us who have enjoyed the fruits of his labors and considered him a friend, even those like me who never met him, but just remembering the first information I recall announcing the moves (unpopular as they are) was that Dudley’s contract was not being renewed. Is this different from being fired, probably not in most people’s way of thinking, but in addition to not having knowledge of the decision making process, I suspect that many of us do not know if there was a contract renewal process and what that process might have entailed.


What a ridiculous post!


The original post is one of the worst I’ve ever seen on this board. Maybe your intent was to praise Clay and Dudley but it came off as very condescending to others who contribute greatly to the content of this board. You can miss Clay and Dudley without crapping on the others. I for one appreciate all that the others on this site contribute.


It’s real simple Nobody knows what all you do until your gone. Including those still manning the ship.

BTW guys good luck just as I have said already to RD. Go find my post. Please keep up the good work!!


I am a much bigger fan of the insights that Clay and Dudley’s experience and contacts let them bring to the board than I am of the Podcasts and Analytics that Scottie and Matt have added to the content. You may be the opposite. Each to his own. Nothing I said was incorrect. Clay did not fire Dudley. When he stepped down, the “bean counters” above Matt and Scottie did. Matt and Scottie are just having to deal with that on top of losing Clay Henry’s (plus Dudley’s) irreplaceable knowledge and experience. I just stated the facts as I see them. If that bothers you, that is your problem, not mine.


What a …s!

Only time will tell. There are some highly knowledgeable, talented people remaining. On the other hand, the sum total of what remains pales in comparison to what the whole was before the loss of Clay and Dudley. The current product is not as valuable to me. Time will tell, but HI has suffered a mighty blow.


You’re entitled to your opinion. It’s your presentation that sucks. I’m willing to give those left the benefit of the doubt that they can continue to put out quality content. Change happens in every walk of life and I’ve never understood the need to insult or demean the ones left behind.


I really did not intend to insult or demean Matt and Scottie. I am just a lot more of a fan of what Clay brings than what they do. They do work hard and I am sure they are nice people. They do things that Clay could never do, but their strengths are not why I come to this board. Do you really think Clay is happy with them firing Dudley as soon as he steps down? They are best friends. This transition was going to be tough enough even if Dudley stayed. Now, it is way more tougher than it needed to be. JMVVVVVVVHO and I do apologize to anyone that I have offended.


When you find yourself in a hole dude, quit digging…just sayin’

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This is sort of post (or thread) that leads to retirement.


Time for me to step away from the keyboard for a bit.


Some of us very much appreciate your work, Scottie…Matt and RD too.

Clay and Dudley will be missed…a lot, but they aren’t dying anytime soon (I hope). Clay has earned his retirement, and I wish nothing but the best for him…a ton of birdies, and the limit of those pretty trout every time he wades out there.

As far as Dudley, I can’t wait to see what he does next, and I will subscribe to whatever that is.

But, Scottie, don’t let anyone harsh your mellow. You are very good at your job, and I’m not going anywhere…and I very seriously doubt many others on here are either. Love the podcasts and stats. Take care and God Bless.

One last thing, can you get JWill to come back for one more year? :rofl:


Me too Scottie.

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Scottie,Matt RD you guys are Great!!! and why I am sticking around.I really thought about leaving bc I don’t like to see friends treated badly but when I cooled off and reassesd things I realized how good ya’ll were at doing your jobs and decided to hang in here,rest assured 99.9% love what ya’ll do so keep that in mind and keep on Rocking your Roll!!