Matt and Scottie and any others, show us what you got

Let’s see some of the greatest scrimmage reports ever written. All the yammering will stop then.

Clay and Dudley, good luck to both of you in whatever endeavors you embark upon. Looking forward to following you two what ever path you choose.

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Clay was at the scrimmage.

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They’ve all been creating great content for a while now. If someone is yammering, it’s completely undeserved to this crew. Clay and DD will be missed, no doubt, but the rest of the crew are good too!


Hope that Clay & Dudley continue to post on this site for years to come. Always appreciate their knowledge & wisdom. Need of their history to not be lost by the next generation of Hog fans.

No doubt that Matt & Scottie will continue to be successful in keeping us updated on Razorback sports & grounded as needed.

Has Dudley come back any in the last few days?

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