Matt and Marty

Has the rain passed the hill this morning?
I’m hoping the hogs are able to get all 3 games in this weekend. They need the reps in the field, at the plate and on the mound.

The Weather channel shows rain out by noon but winds at 1:00 pm 27 mph. That surely will afffect the game. Not sure the direction of the the wind.

There was a LOT of rain in the early, pre-dawn morning. According to the NOAA site, there was about 1.1 inches. It (mostly) quit by about 8:30. There have been a few showers and may be a few more, but it is basically over.

The rain is moving out of the area. I went to get breakfast earlier and could see the clouds moving out and some blue skies back to the west.

The issue this afternoon is going to be the wind. We are under a wind advisory until early evening. The Weather Service says it could gust 40-50 mph west/southwest. That’s out to left field.

Could be a Wrigley Field type game with that wind. Anything in the air to left might go out. Possibly onto Razorback Road.

It’s 10:15 in Fayetteville and the sun is shining

It’s really pretty outside. The sun is bright and there aren’t many clouds. The wind is already picking up. It’s supposed to be in the mid 60s today. Great day for baseball.

I hope the hogs win! I think it’s important to play all 3 games this weekend and get the mid week game in as well.
The players needs the reps.