Matt...About Last Night's Soccer Game

How were you able to follow last night’s soccer game and get a report out so quickly?
I was very disappointed to find the game was not on the SEC/ESPN app. I searched for a while and couldn’t find it.

Not Matt, but Swine had posted during the game that it was on the BYU network (not sure which network they use).

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Yep. I went to the UA schedule page, clicked the BYUtv link on last night’s game and watched it there. Very easy, easier than ESPN+ honestly.

ESPN+ may not have stream of nonconference road games unless it’s another ESPN conference like the SEC. BYU is West Coast Conference for another year and has maintained BYUtv for its “third tier” stuff. What will happen when they join the Big XII remains to be seen. At one time BYUtv had a channel on DISH; not sure if they still do, or if last night’s game could have been seen there if they did.

Sunday night’s soccer game at Grand Canyon is not streaming anywhere, apparently.

I watched it on BYU TV, which I found out last night is on my channel package. Who knew?

Thanks Guys. I did not see that link.

And it is still there. Have to watch the replay.

I checked the GCU website. It seems to indicate that it is available to watch. I clicked on “Watch” and ESPN+ came up (as event not starting yet).

Grand Canyon University Athletics - Official Athletics Website (


Jeff, I know little to nothing about soccer. I’m amazed at how much you and others know. Here in Chattanooga soccer is pretty big and we have two (Pro or Semi Pro?) teams. Yesterday there was a billboard advertising an upcoming soccer match. My question is the correct term soccer match or game?

It is match and is played by two sides wearing kits.

Match is generally used, although “game” is more common in the US (just as calling it soccer is more common in the US; the Brits call it football, even though they invented the word “soccer” as a version of “association football”). A soccer game in the UK would be kicking the ball around in a public park, in a noncompetitive setting.

I got started early. I remember watching the old NASL on TV in the late 60s, in particular a match featuring the Detroit Cougars at Tiger Stadium. The players were shown kicking souvenir plastic soccer balls into the stands for the few hundred fans that were there. Somehow I got the address of the Cougars front office (I would have been 7 or 8 at the time) and wrote them asking for one of those balls, and they sent it to me. The Cougars went out of business at the end of the 1968 season; I guess the postage on that ball to Arkansas was the final straw…

A few years later, PBS started showing “Soccer Made in Germany”, a Saturday afternoon program with the previous weekend’s game of the week in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top league. British broadcaster Toby Charles provided the commentary, and I rarely missed it. Since then I’ve been a confirmed soccerphile.

Eaglehog is correct about “kits” which leads me to another story. European teams are often known as “clubs”; the abbreviation FC stands for “football club”. And it is actually a club that you can join. I began following Arsenal FC in London in 2002, and by 2016 I had actually joined the Arsenal club; still have the membership card in my wallet, and I listened to Thursday’s Europa League match on the Arsenal app on my phone (one of the perks of membership).

So when my son and I got to attend a match at Emirates Stadium in April 2016, I had my personalized Arsenal kit on, with my name and #24 on the back (I’ve always liked #24 for some reason). Still have it, although it doesn’t fit so well now. The Arsenal card also served as my game ticket; scanned it at the stadium gates in lieu of a piece of paper. Thus I also had to purchase a club membership for my son so he could get in. It wasn’t that expensive, like $60, and with the drop of the pound against the dollar even cheaper now. His membership has lapsed; mine hasn’t.

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