Matt: A Site Question

As paying customers should we have to sit through two commercials between every video we watch. It is bad enough that ads are everywhere you look and slow things down loading, but these video ads are unreasonable for people who pay good money to use the site, including the videos.

Not Mat, but you may want to look at what browser you are using. Running Firefox with Adblock Plus, I have NEVER seen an ad on this site. That is even less than the old HI board, which I thought was pretty clean, but had three ads across the top that could not be blocked.

I use Adblock, too. Can’t imagine life without it haha.

I use Adblock Plus with Firefox and Purify on my iPhone. Unfortunately, Purify doesn’t work on my iPad Mini.

How do you get purify?

In the App Store. It is very easy to set up.

When you open the app for the first time, there is a tutorial telling you how to use it.

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There are no ads that play on the videos for that page. The ones that show up in the story bodies have ads because they are through a vendor and free to everyone.