Matt, a question about Pittman's deal

I would feel better if those who seem to be intimate with CSP’s inner thoughts and know he’s “different” from every other coach in the U.S. because he “loves Arkansas” told us exactly how long they’ve known him and how often they speak to him, especially about his life goals. Just tell us how you know what he’s thinking, and maybe we’ll relax.

I think there’s a lot of truth in both the above statements. Despite what some claim, money isn’t the only motivator for a lot of people. It isn’t even the top motivator for a lot of people. However, money often means more than what it will buy. It sometimes reflects how much you’re appreciated. No one wants to think they’re taken for granted.

All I know about Sam is what I’ve read & seen of him in the media and the one time he spoke to the LRTD club. That’s it. However, I think he is indeed happy here. That this is dream job. That he is 60 years old & despite his success, he’s not likely (at least not this year) to be on some elite program’s wish list. But we do need to let him know he’s appreciated & that if he retires to this state as he’s said he wants to do, he can do so in very fine style. Personally, I think he’s already getting enough to take care of the latter desire, but perhaps we’re not yet doing enough to let him know that we know how good he is for us. I trust HY to do that. I also trust Sam enough to believe he knows one of the things that can ensure his success here is for players (& recruits) to believe he’ll be here for the long haul.

It’s true the fans ran off Hatfield. Pretty much ran off Nutt, too. Fans can turn on a popular coach. If we go 8-4 or 7-5 next year, it will begin then. But that’s why coaches are given 5 year contracts. And $5M/year is damned good money regardless of what Saban or Kelly make. We don’t need to match that. But we do want Sam to know we’re not taking him for granted.


I chuckle at the thoughts that he will stay in Fayetteville because he has a place in Hot Springs. That can be his vacation spot no matter where he lives. And, if he’s at a high-paying job anywhere, a fancy jet will get him to Hot Springs in a short time. That is not an anchor to keep him in Fayetteville. It is what it is, a great vacation and retirement home. Where he lives doesn’t change that. Better pay him at least close to what the market dictates. Hot Springs is a little under 4 hours by fancy car (or truck) from Fayetteville. It can be as close as 2-3 hours by a jet from a lot of places that pay well for a coach. When Sam turns down raises, that’s the sign that money is not important to him. It would be for me.


Almost no one turns down a raise. But that’s not the same thing as saying money is his big motivator. There are many things that go into happiness & contentment at a job. Money is usually one of those things, but it’s not always the top thing. People who’ve put it at the top have often learned to regret it.

Yeah, a jet can get Sam to Hot Springs from lots of places & yeah, he can retire to HS as easily from OU or Fla as he can from Fayetteville. But he’s already making enough to charter a jet. Doubt we’ll ever pay him enough to own one. Maybe enough to own a share of one.

I think Keith Guthrie hit the nail on the head. People who say it’s always about the money are telling us its always about the money for them. It isn’t that way for everyone. It just isn’t.


Agree with your thinking on this. I am, and history substantiates,
confident that HY will maintain his close working relationship with CSP and do whatever is needed to keep Sam happy. I think an even larger war chest for assistants is likely.

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