Matt, A New Problem

I’ve ran into a problem on the boards today. Every time I scroll down through a board or thread (or at least many times), I’m automatically taken to the top of the forum page and to the “home” page “against my will.” Don’t know the cause but it’s plainly frustrating. Just started today.

That’s odd. What kind of device and browser are you using?

Same problem

I’ve had it on a SurfacePro (Windows 10 & Microsoft Edge browser) and on my PC (Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge)

Windows 10 and Internet Explorer on my laptop.

FYI, when supplying browser information in a situation like this, it helps the tech folks if you also supply the version of the browser; for example, I’m using Firefox version 61.0.2. If you’re not sure, you can hit the “Help” menu at the top right of the browser, then click “about xxxx (browser)” to get that information.