Matt - 502 error?

Is anything being done to correct this? Can’t read any articles that are linked from the message boards from the writers.

I have forwarded your message along.

Hi, if you see this error again will you kindly take a screenshot of it and post it here. If you can’t get a screenshot, copy and paste any information you see on the error page.
We appreciate your patience with these errors. We work hard to diagnose and fix them. Thanks
Software Developer - Wehco Media.

This is what keeps popping up when I clink on the link to WHS article.

Can you paste in the link you clicked when this happed?
And thank you for the screenshot. It’s very helpful.

It is only the Whole Hog Sports links to stories. All of the WHS links to stories.
Anything to gives the 502 error.

Links to other other sites work.

If it helps, I’m using an android with Chrome.

Amazon Web Services is having a major outage today. It could be related to that if they are using the cloud to store their articles.

I have the same issue and also have a droid phone. It was fixed for a while but has been an issue again for the last 3 weeks approx.

My phone recently updated. Wonder if that may be part of the problem.

522 Strikes Again!

522 not annoying enough … how about 523?

There is a network outage with the service we use to manage our sites. It is being addressed.

It does not affect the forums.

My sports people! Thanks for this feedback. Yesterday’s problems may have been the amazon outages. I’m waiting on confirmation on that. But I know many of you have seen these 502/522/5XX errors before yesterday. Keep dropping screenshots and the links that resulted in the error.
Thank you, again.

I’m still getting 502 on my android phone, but no problems on ipad.

Do you have an android phone? And are you accessing the forums via your phone’s web browser?

Yes. That is what i usually use. IIRC, it just recently updated also.

Thanks again for this feedback. We’re looking into it.

On Clay’s Burks leaves as an all-time great story.

This was on a laptop using Windows 10.

Still no progress on 502 error? Would be nice to be able to read the articles.

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