Matrix: Still a 3

The second 3 seed behind WVU, with an average of 2.98 on 103 brackets.

That average is kinda interesting. Most of the brackets have us as a 3. By my count, 11 of the brackets that updated Sunday had us as a 2; five had us as a 4. Of the ones that didn’t update Sunday, nine have us as a 4, five have us as a 2. And there may well be more than 103 brackets tomorrow, so the new ones have to be factored in. WVU is at 2.77 average; Houston, the last 2 seed, is at 2.56 (you wonder what would have happened if they don’t bank in that Hail Mary to beat Memphis yesterday). But if Memphis had just hit a decent number of free throws, that bank shot wouldn’t have mattered. The Fighting Pennys were 10 of 20 from the line.

Our path to a 2:

Houston plays the Tulsa-Tulane winner on Friday in the AAC tourney. Neither team is very good, but neither is East Carolina and Houston lost to them. Probably Memphis again in the semifinals.

WVU plays Okie Lite Thursday in the Big 12. That game is highly loseable for the 'Eers. The winner gets Baylor. Extremely loseable.

Ohio State is the third 2 seed on the Matrix; they play the Minny-Northwestern winner on Thursday. Minny is a Jeckyl and Hyde team; they blew out Iowa and Michigan at home but haven’t won outside Williams Arena all year. Until they learn how, I don’t expect the Suckeyes to be challenged, even though they’re in a bit of a tailspin (lost 4 straight). But they then get Purdue on Friday, again very loseable.

Beat Misery and LSU, and we might just get that 2.

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