Matrix: Hogs up to a 4 seed

Moved past Houston and UConn.

The 5s are those two, Texas and Alabama. That would be a pretty salty second round foe in the Dance if we stay at 4.

But Lunardi dropped us to a 5 this morning. Guess we’re not 16th to him any more. Whatever.

I’m beginning to think Lunardi is just a jerk! How can the hogs accomplish anymore than what they’ve done?
Wining 13 out of the last 14! Honestly this may set up a situation where the hogs drop with a loss or stay right where they are with a win in Knoxville.
5 wins over team in the top 16! That’s pretty impressive


He is a complete jerk. Stupid, yes stupid. Don’t say that very often but he gets people’s attention.

Um, I really doubt the committee spends hours and hours discussing the seedings only to just take Lunardi’s projections and fill out the bracket. But what is his track record? He may be a jerk, but who cares where he ranks us if it has no actual influence on where we’re ultimately seeded?

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that NET also dropped us a spot and moved OH ST up above the Hogs. OH St, at home, beat Michigan St, ranked 40th in NET. We beat LSU, at home, who was ranked #16 in the NET. Maybe the NET has a built in formula favoring the B1G conference.

Looking at just our home win vs OH St’s home win, it certainly makes no common sense that OH St would jump us in their rankings. Just one more head scratcher with the NET.

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It is obviously very flawed. It seems to be weighted in an unbalanced manner.

The margin of victory or something.

It makes no sense. I hope they come up with something that work with the Net or bring the RPI back.

I heard someone say when we win the National Championship we might move up to 15 or 16 in the net


That’s funny. I doubt we will ever crack the top 15 in Net this season.

Bobby Bones made a similar statement on the Razorback Daily show Friday.

Has their ever been any correlation between Lunardi & the Net & whoever/whatever else calculated by somebody in a basement in regards to NCAAT seeding?

The Matrix, which compiles dozens of bracketologists, also does a running rating of the brackets that have been most successful in predicting the seeding over the years. Lunardi is about 40% down the list; better than most, but worse than a lot. They also crown an annual bracket champion:

The current iteration of the NET has only been used for one tournament; it was tweaked in 2020 before the one that was cancelled. We were 14th in NET AFTER the Elite Eight run last year. Of course we probably got dinged because we beat ORU in the Sweet 16 instead of Ohio State.

By the way, Lunardi says we’ll enter the SECT as a 4 on his bracket if we beat the Vols today. And Kansas will replace Auburn as a #1 if they beat Texass, even if the Bagmen also beat SoCar.

Lunardi’s fake hair needs a net…

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I pay absolutely no attention to all the guys predictions and rankings other than selection Sunday. If we’re in that’s all that matters, win and move on and let the rough edges drag. We have a good team and can punch out any team if we play well and there are several teams just like ours. Let’s get a win over the Vols today ! WPS

I’m with you on that one. Beat the Vols.
It won’t be easy but it should be fun to watch.

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