Match-Up Zone

I know in the past years with Coach Anderson, we have showed a 2-3 look out of baseline in-bounds plays and minimally other than that. With that said, I can’t remember us really playing any match-up but more or less just a straight 2-3. I like the idea of matching up, especially with it’s man principals in the half court set and the pressure you can get out of it. Thoughts on seeing more of this in the future? It seems like keeping Kingsley around the basket and short corner area would be beneficial but you must have communication and talking and the match-up can be prone to giving up some offensive rebounds if you don’t box out.

We have enough trouble giving up offensive rebounds as it is. Matchup zone would make that even worse. Plus it makes you even more vulnerable to the 3, which is a problem for our defense already. I would not be in favor of this.

Comments: interesting perspective I believe it was the match/up zone Mike went to in the second half that increased their points margin, until the players learn the most opportune times to spring their two man traps I prefer the half court matchup zones

I’m with you, I thought our D was better while we were playing zone D, looked like to me it got Houston out of rhythm, they probably didn’t practice against a zone in preparing for the Hogs. WPS

I didn’t get to watch the second half the other night, so don’t know what Mike did. If he did go to a matchup, wouldn’t be the first time my opinion was proven wrong :oops: