Mataio Soli

I kept watching the kid’s highlights, trying to figure out the ex-Hog who played like that highlight reel as a freshman. It finally came to me that Mataio is a skinnier, faster, Billy Ray Smith, Jr. You can’t block him because he’s just too fast and athletic for you.

Mataio is skinny, skinny, skinny, On tape that listed 230 looked pretty generous. He needs 20 pounds of good weight to hope to hold up in the SEC. If he can play with that speed and athleticism at 250-255 he will be something else in a year or two.

I would put him at OLB where he doesn’t have to put on a lot of weight he has tremendous speed and passion looking forward to see how he does… we do need someone to be a explosive pass-rusher at defensive end so we will see.

I bet he will play with the same heart and passion as his father. That will be a great improvement. I will also look forward to seeing the sidelines where there’s dire and energy during games again. The young man can play! If he plays like Billy Ray we will be amazed.