Mataio Soli with a big honor

That’s great. I believe he’s going to play, and play a lot as a true freshman.

he plays with great passion,will have to put on some weight and get stronger but he has a chance to be a great player.

He does like kind of skinny right now. I don’t remember Junior ever being anything but a big strong guy, so I’m thinking that Mataio is going to get bigger and stronger as he gets older. Mataio is also taller than Dad, if I remember right, so if he can add strength and put on good weight he could end up as a real beast. The skill set and football smarts for a high schooler are very exciting.

Oh, and I don’t think Junior’s son is ever going to do anything but give great effort and bleed Razorback red. He’s already been taught what it means to be a Hog.

I believe he is a mid-term graduate, so he will get a spring practice and will be in the summer strength and weight program before fall camp. He is already within about 15 pounds of what Randy Ramsey weighs. I’ll bet he will put that on and maybe more by this fall. He was one of the best pass rushers in a 6-A school in GA. I could see him sliding in as a back-up (maybe eventual starter) at the rush-end spot this fall. He may have been a low 4-star recruit, but he had a 5-star offer sheet. And, best of all, he has Razorback blood flowing in his veins.

Yes I think he will add quality weight pretty quickly once he gets into a very good workout routine. He plays with great Passion you can’t teach that.

He is one of MANY I can’t wait to see on campus for us. Kid has a serious upside for sure!