Mataeo Soli and Trey Knox lost weight?

Have they been ill, or were their previous weights overstated?

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I don’t know that either one is ever going to be “heavy”. They both are small in the waist. Putting major pounds on them is going to be difficult. They are basically the same weight.

Knox lost 2 pounds. Soli lost 4 to 239. That is up over what he was one year ago when he was 220.

240 should be a good weight for soli

Missouri did a great job developing and utilizing their athletic, small defensive end/big linebackers, blitzing, stunting, and rushing the passer. I can’t wait to see if Odom can do the same with Soli and others.

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Thanks for the good info.

The speed guys will like how Odom implements their skill set in this defense.

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