Massive O-lineman McRoy has Hogs atop his list


Sight unseen (other than this pic) I’d like to see him lose to about 345 and gain 8-10 lbs of more muscle…hard body tone. FULL DISCLOSURE: I seldom get everything I want :roll_eyes: :wink:

He very well could be the largest lineman I’ve seen doing this job. If not, top 3-4.

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He seems to a have decent physique…wonder if this pic was before or after he says he pigged out while here. His belly isn’t as large as some who are shorter and weigh less. He will only improve under ANY strength/conditioning coach. I would think.

Not a huge belly. Just a mountain of a young man.


Hope he can, as they say, bend good enough to be a force…well, only if he becomes a Hog! :wink:

He’s a huge guy but will probably have to lose some pounds to get a little more agility which we have seen Harris do this year and I think he was 370 and he looked phenomenal in the bowl game

Do you know what he got down to…I’m thinking 340(?)

I think he got down to about 330. I can tell he lost a lot of weight and his movement was much better

BTW, Jac’Qawn said he had the best patty melt ever at Jimmy’s Egg on MLK. He couldn’t talk enough about it.

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He didn’t say “melts”, as in plural?

I bet his idea of White Castle bag of sliders is different than mine. If he plays guard, then the QB will have to find a throwing lane given his height and size.

Good whatever gets him to come.

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