Mason 'Macon' Jones

Apprears to be the successor to the great Daryl Macon as the go to guy when the game is on the line. Both of them want the ball in pressure situations, and unlike a former Hog who also wanted that last shot, they can deliver. Both are also good free throw shooters. Really glad we’ve got Mason for two more years. Mike really found a diamond in the rough with this guy.

Mason had really nice play during the last minute or so. He actually had two nice drives during this time; at the end of the first he passed to an open Adrio who missed the shot. Nearly the same drive on #2; this time Mason put it up for the final bucket.

When you move and get the ball in the paint good things happen

Yes. I was worried about that last call to have Mason penetrate because he’s a good, but not great ball handler and LSU had it defended perfectly. They had Waters, the best on ball defender in the league, on Mason. However, Jones did a great job protecting the ball and forcing Waters down low where he could could put up an 8-10 footer over him. Outstanding call by Mike and execution of the call by Mason.

That was sweet and even sweeter it was against Waters. Waters is a very good defender and even better one when he can get away with anything. He hacked and clubbed and pushed our guards for 40 minutes without 1 foul called on him. But if we breathed on him foul called.

I started a thread a while back about Mason Jones being the biggest steal of the CMA era. I can’t recall a player that was as lightly recruited as him that has given as much value as he has. Think about it, not even Barford and Macon as juniors put up the stats Jones is doing as a sophomore.

I would argue that he’s the MVP on the team right now.

2nd in scoring
2nd in rebounds
2nd in assist
2nd in 3 point%
2nd in MPG
1st in freethrow %

Gafford definitely the best player/pro prospect without a doubt, but with everything Jones does he makes the whole team better that’s why I said I would say he’s the MVP right now.

Mike and whoever his lead recruiter was (If any one knows who it was, please post it) did a great job looking into all aspects of Mason. I wasn’t surprised at what he’s doing this year, but I spent hours looking at the last couple years of Jones’ basketball. There wasn’t a lot of info, but I went over every game box score he played in last year. I looked at the difference at the beginning of his season vs the end of his season. I found out the reason he wasn’t recruited out of HS (he weighed 270 pounds in high school). His brother and sister were great basketball players. The last 20 games he played last year (as a starter), he averaged 20 and 10. Whoever was the lead recruiter, I’m sure, delved into even much more information on Mason. Plus they had the benefit of watching first hand, his improvement as the season went on last year.

And, I agree, Mason was perhaps the best recruiting job Mike and his staff has done.