Mason Jones

Is now under quarantine with some other players in Houston. I guess this means he made the roster.

He’s on a two way contract.

Yup, but the Rockets’ G League team is playing and he’s not there, so for now he’s on the NBA roster, and if James Harden forces his way out of town he’ll have a larger role. Once he actually is able to play in a game that is. And if he plays well enough to stick on the roster his contract can be converted to a full NBA deal, which would double his salary.

Two-way contracts are different this year because of the pandemic, by the way. In the past a two-way player couldn’t spend more than 45 days on the NBA roster, but this year they can spend up to 50 games. Obviously if Mase is there more than 50 games he’d be converted to the full contract.

Houston and OKC are the only NBA teams that haven’t played yet, They’re scheduled to play at Portland tonight, virus permitting. As of yesterday Houston had only nine available players; the minimum is eight under NBA rules.

Mason’s in quarantine until Wednesday.

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