Mason Jones

Just watched Mason’s interview with Drew Ammon on Pig Trail Nation. He gone. Not much of a surprise there at this point. I’ve said all along that I think he’s making a mistake, but I wish him well. At least now we know for sure. I just pray Isiaiah stays another year. If he can learn to drive and draw fouls like Mason did, especially with his beautiful stroke, he will be a can’t miss lottery pick next summer.

Isaiah was starting to do that the last two or three games, you could tell he saw the benefits by watching what Jones did. He could add 8 to 10 points a game as well as he shoots free throws.

Finalizing the details to hire an agent shows how determined Mason is to make it to the NBA and he fully believes he will. I hope Razorback fans root for Mason to get to NBA. It will only help Muss’s recruiting. Muss needs to actually put players in the NBA to back up his NBA pitch to recruits.

He put the Martin twins from Nevada into NBA. Getting Mason into NBA when nobody thought of that possibility at the start of the season, will go a long way.

I bet Muss will do everything he can to help Mason and whenever Isaiah decides, he will do the same.

I can’t imagine any Hog fan that WOULDN"T root for Mason to make in the NBA. Even if you think his chances are slim, you still root for him to make it.

The jump that Mason made in one year with Coach Muss will forever be a selling point to recruits, regardless if Mason makes in the NBA or not. Also, Coach’s NBA background and connections will also forever be a selling point. His NBA pitch speaks for itself the same way Calipari’s did when he first returned to the college game.

The NBA is a talent league more than anything else. The more a program signs top level talent, the more that program will put players in the NBA. With this coaching staff’s ability to develop players coupled with their NBA background/connections, there should be fewer and fewer players signed in the future that have marginal talent. As a result, there will be more and more players that make the NBA from this program. That cycle will feed itself, much like you see in a handful of other top programs.

I believe time will show that the hiring of Coach Muss was the best move of Hunter Yurachek’s career.

Since early January when I was told the number of scouts and the high level of the scouts, I figured he was gone. Those particular guys don’t come to see free agrent dudes. I think when I wrote that most were saying that they didn’t believe he was ready and that he would be back. I didn’t think that.

I truly do hope he makes it. I’ll be the first in line to buy his rookie card. I’m excited this morning about this killer class we are about to sign and the future of Razorback Basketball!

I’ve heard he hasn’t been to class in some time, (well before the corona issue) and therefore wouldn’t be eligible next year anyway. He has to go.

No one has been to class in some time.


And it’s kinda hard for an outsider to check class attendance on a virtual class, or even his classmates. Now it’s entirely possible that Mase ditched any pretense of doing his classwork as soon as the season ended (or before) but we have no way of knowing that.

I’m not a big poster ever since I moved away from Fayetteville, but I trust my source on this one: if I didn’t I wouldn’t have made the original post

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Mason seems to like the odds stacked against him. I wouldn’t sell him short making it to the league.

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Hmm. Supposed to have an announcement soon.

Change of heart?

That’ll be interesting

Either he’s coming back or he’s hiring an agent. I can’t see anything else he would want/need to announce.

That would the biggest WOW of these last few days, including our great recruiting class. A rested Jones and Joe playing just 30 minutes or less would be absolutely lethal in the last 5 minutes of a game. The ability to rest his stars was one thing that made Nolan’s teams so great.

Is it possible, and the timing promotes this thought, that Mason waited until Moses had signed before announcing his staying at Arkansas–that maybe he did not want to run Moses off by staying?

I’m seeing the Hogs with this “big” line-up on the floor against KY:

Joe, Jones, Tate, Moody, and Vanover or Jackson.

Or, if Joe or Jones have improved their handle enough to play the point we could go really big with:

Joe, Jones, Moody, Vanover and Jackson.

I am betting Mason handles the ball as well as Tate, if not better. Your second lineup is more lethal. Good to see you have Moody in both lineups.

Little change in plans. Mason is announcing tomorrow. Looking good for the Hogs?

I don’t see next season ending well if he returns. I love his heart. He left it all out there for the team this past season. However, he’d be returning clearly auditioning for the next level. I just don’t see him as being level headed enough to sacrifice the role he played this past season for the greater good of the team next season. It also could have long ranging negative effects. What newcomer could he sour on remaining on the team.

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