Mason Jones

This is not a direct comparison obviously, but I know who his game reminds me of now. It took me awhile.

He has a lot of Bird in his game. Last night sealed the deal. He’s kinda a mini Bird.

It was cool to see…

I am not a big NBA observer, but he seems to me to have some James Hardin type traits as well.

Yes James Harden is the one that Mason reminds me off too. It is not just that step back 3, but also his drives to the hoop and ability to get fouled. Those are Harden like.

You are spot on with your observation.

And BTW, he got away with a walk on that last step back 3 just like Harden does . LOL.

the dude can flat out score, he is a scorer extraordinaire, I do not know how he ranks all time and per season, but he is treading on some lightly treaded soil, with some of his achievements this year.

It was nice to see Joe drive to the hoop, also. I think he has watched Mason and how he attacks the defense and has put some of that in his game. This is great to see Joe maturing and developing his offensive game.

Mason still clears out with his elbow on his drives too much and you can see the opponents trying to exploit that by flopping a lot when he does. The officials last night gave him several no-calls when UT defenders tried to get that call, so the officials are giving him some benefit of the doubt now. He really impressed me when a marginal call gave him his fourth foul and you could see he controlled his anger, laid the ball down in front of the official, and walked away. That will earn him more respect from officials in the future. He is learning and getting better each game which should scare the heck out the rest of the SEC. Go Hogs.

I definitely see some Harden in him, the stepback treys and the ability to get to the line.

I don’t think officials like it when a player lays the ball down and stomps off. They won’t give you a T, but it’s for sure showing them up. If you want to do something with the ball, flip it softly to a different official. He definitely displayed his anger.

You are right, it’s better than slamming the ball, but what he did was still defiant and noticable to all three officials.

He does look to be a bit like Hardin in his offense.

As for Joe, he’s been driving to the bucket in key games all season. He doesn’t do it a bunch, but that part of his game has been there for a bit this year.

Joe needs to drive more. He has done it a bit, but he needs to make it a routine part of his game. Mason can score 20 when he is not hitting his outside shot. Joe can’t. Last night Joe took it to the hoop a few times. Joe is a lot more of a threat when he can drive or shoot the 3, not just sit on the 3 line and shoot. He looked really good last night.

As a matter of fact, Harden does some of that clearing of the defender too and so do a lot of NBA guys. But they are more subtle than Mason. Did Mason do this last year? Wonder if Muss coached him on this based on his NBA days.

But for sure, right now every time he drives, Mason looks like he is going to commit an offensive foul. I just hold my breath.

We have had scorers like Mason in Joe Johnson, Todd Day, etc. The reason Mason is scoring at this rate he is because of the makeup of this team that dictates ISO ball. He has a green signal to hold that ball and score if defense allows him space.

But again you still have to put the ball in the basket. So, I am not trying to take anything away from Mason.

I would not have been surprised if Mase had been T’d up when he put the ball down on the floor. But I also understood his frustration. Zebras didn’t have a good game last night at all, both ways. Mase got some calls he shouldn’t have but he also pushed off a few times that weren’t called.

Mason has earned some leeway because he is guarded so hard. Can’t give him space. Officials are not calling every bump or every push. But trying to be fair to Mason. He’s earned it.

I saw Ronnie Brewer and others gradually do the same. Early on Ronnie did not get a lot of calls. He did his last year. He earned them.

Darrell Walker was same way, but was not rewarded until he quit complaining or sulking with a call against or not what he expected. Patsy Sutton helped coach him through that.

Mason reminds me a lot of Paul Pierce.

I don’t remember any Razorback who had as complete an offensive game as Mason. He is an excellent free throw shooter. He has great range and can shoot the 3. He can pull up and hit the mid-range shot and he can drive to the hoop and score that way. He is very good at drawing the foul when he drives, and then he can make the free ones.

He is not the best player to be a Razorback, but he is the most complete offensive player, I think.

Mason needs to figure out how to avoid the charge! That’s his weakness with the ball! He got lucky a few times last night! His stroke was spot on last night. The step back 3 last night was no different than the one he took against Auburn and got called for the walk! He took over last night when the Vol’s cut the lead to 2!

Last night might have been the best our hogs played as team all year!
-3 rebounding.
Vol’s 31.
Hogs 28
The hogs were above 80 at the free throw line!
7 turnovers for the entire game and 2 of those were late by Joe against the press!
It wasn’t just a Mason Jones show he had help.

Oh, Joe Johnson had it all.

I’m with PJ. JJ had the complete offensive game. Could score on anybody.

JJ had other scoring threats on his team, and better all-around height along with him. I don’t think he had to go one-on-one as much as Mason. That was especially true with Isaiah Joe out.

It easy to overlook the big man down low when your guards get all the credit!
This years hogs would be a complete difference team with a big man to protect the rim!