Mason Jones?

No matter where it goes from here, and it’s looking like an NIT season at best now, but this has been the most exciting and hope-filled season since 1995 as far as I’m concerned, and my opinion is not going to change for this team that has overachieved all year.

Only one thing I have not liked transpired today — what was up with Mason Jones back-talking Coach Musselman and making a scene more than once on the bench? I had really admired him as an humble team player, and then that mess today really made him look bad, made the team look bad, and it raised questions about whether the head Coach really has control of this team. Mason Jones and his team lost today…his antics do not bode well for the rest of the season.

I cannot imagine seeing that tolerated with Coach Richardson or Coach Sutton — or some of the other legendary college basketball coaches as observed by the TV commentators…

Totally bad look. No place for that at all.

This team can definitely make the tournament still, but this game will put us on the bubble for sure now. Now we can’t lose a home game and have to knock off at least 2 road teams to still have a shot before the SEC tournament.

Musselman has control of this team, you can count on that. What I saw was two alpha males that love to win chirping at each other. Now it doesn’t make it right, but I believe Jones and Musselman have a good relationship.

This is college ball. There should be only 1 alpha male. The coach.

But I’m old school I guess.

I don’t disagree, but that’s the nature of the game now.

If I was the coach he would sit his rear ended out for a game or two! Bad look all the way around!
This team just lacks discipline and Mason Jones was a hit head all game long. Lack of maturity on his part!

For me, it’s been interesting. What I’ve looked for is some kind of counter punch, or an ability to offset what the competitor does. But, I just haven’t seen it from this group of Hogs. We have the ability to hang close, which often results in a close win to offset the close losses, but we lack the ability to knock out the competitior when they turn it up.

There’s been a lot of talk about how great Muss is, but in my opinion, what he’s done good is: 1) retain M Jones and 2) add Whitt and 3) recruit a couple top 2020 Arkansas prospects for next year.

I’m not one who has noticed great on court coaching or during the season coaching up.

In sum, we’re right where the pundits forecast this team. We’re looking like the SEC #10 or 11 team.

Yes, their are enough games remaining on the schedule for them to still make a run to get into the NCAA Tournament as long as they can somehow end up 10-8 in conference. I’m not sure the SEC will get any .500 conference record teams in the Dance, as I look at the conference standings right now I’m not sure the SEC gets more than 4 and possibly 5 teams in the Tournament.
Our hogs would need to post a record of 6-2 over its last 8 and I don’t know how realistic that is given Injured players and lack of quality depth. The grind of the season is really starting to show and although the guys are playing their tales off, we just don’t have enough of them. Things should be much better next season!

With 8 games left without Joe they won’t win many! Especially the way they lost their minds today and played the foul game.
This team is tired and can’t play defense for 40 minutes. They can’t make enough free throws to win and they sure can’t rebound enough to win.

Look forward to next season and the hogs load up a starting 5 with a bench that can supply production on offense and play solid defense. This year they just don’t have it! Tired legs can’t make shots and can’t stay in front of the ball on defense.

This isn’t the first time he’s back talked him either… he’s had an incredible year, just don’t let it go to your head, it’s still a team game now more so than ever. I could tell the players recognized it today more than I have the other times… needs to be addressed right now and I’m sure it will be

I agree, but that’s how kids are today unfortunately, I manage a pretty good size team of workers, the older ones are respectful and hard working the younger ones like 28 and under feel self entitled, have attitude, talk back etc. World we live in now

Yes they are , that generation is just different.

I must disagree on Muss. Today notwithstanding, this team plays harder than any I’ve seen here for a long while. Their weakness is the talent to put away a game plus the minutes they’ve played. In my experience, college kids wear down in February when they’ve played the kind of minutes these guys have. The legs go and the shot with it. Mason’s shots were on line today, just short. That’s a tired legs indication. Whitt is tired as well. Joe’s knee might have not shown up mid-season with more rest. If Muss has a weakness, it’s in trying to play fewer players, but he didn’t have much of an option this year. Jury is out on that being a weakness.

I retired a few years ago but I never tolerated the lip service from an employee! Never! In the Army I don’t either. I gave respect to everyone but when an employee has a job to either they do it or hit the road!
Some of what’s found on could be frustration and fatigue but there is no excuse for how Mason Jones acted today.

I think Mason hit the wall today. He has had to put this team on his shoulders lately. Being worn down can lead to a lot of frustration. He was frustrated on the floor and it carried over to the bench when he came out. Cylla did the same thing when Muss jumped him for fouling on a rebound and I think Cylla had a good argument about the call. Best to forget about this game, which I think may have been their worst.

CEM needs to adjust and play those bench guys enough to save some legs for late game! There were several calls that were questionable that put fouls on the hogs but there were way too many times we fouled without a chance to make a play.
I keep thinking about all these close games and not being blown out and it’s a breathe of fresh air. With some depth and a rim protector next season we may have a chance for a really good year.
The young men have played their tails off and it just seems like they can’t hold up for 2 games a week.

I hope he learned from this and does not go into any season with just 9 available scholarship players. That was a decision waiting to go wrong,

PJ CEM May not have totally understood exactly how rough the SEC schedule would be! But having only 9 set him up in a tough spot. The transfer that decided to go to Kansas hurt. I think that was Moss!

I think Eric thought he was going to have Vanover and Cylla to help inside. Obviously, he played Cylla early and it didn’t go according to plan. Two more players to help inside would have made a big difference.

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