Mason Jones says he's likely to remain in NBA Draft

Here’s a writeup from his 20-minute interview on The Morning Rush today:

Mason Jones sure likes saying Mason Jones. Maybe we’ll be better off without him…

Oh, come on now. I didn’t really think anything of it. He was just speaking to what he hopes fans will remember him for.

Speaking in the 3rd person is never a good look. I still can’t forget him going nuclear on Muss. I would love to have him back, but no one can deny he’s a bit of a diva. No offense to you, Scottie.

While I’m not a fan of people who refer to themselves in the 3rd person either(had a guy in college do that and I wanted to smack him every time), Jones was not a diva. He wanted to win and when you have two alpha dogs on the same side, sometimes they clash. That happened between Musselman and him a few times, but there is nothing but respect there between the two.

Maybe diva was the wrong word. However, I would much prefer a guy being a diva, as opposed to being soft. Mason is definitely not soft.

I love the young man, but have always frowned on people talking in third person.

Y’all can be made at Dudley E. Dawson, but that’s just what Dudley E. Dawson thinks in regards to Dudley E. Dawson. :grinning:

Excellent post. Diva wouldn’t be a description I’d choose for Mason.

I had consistently thought Jones was likely to return next year, primarily because he probably wouldn’t be drafted (those reasons have been outlined here my many over the past month). Now, as I recognize his ascension from a good sophomore season to SEC POY was predicted by exactly NO ONE, there are probably better odds he can make an NBA roster in the near future than whatever the odds were in the summer of 2019 that he’d be the SEC POY.

However it works out for Mason, I wish him the best. I loved what he gave us, and appreciate his passion for the game. I’ll be rooting for him to succeed.

Mason gave Arkansas two good years. I wish him well.

The NBA draft is in 78 days or 1875 hours or 112558 minutes or 6753533 seconds so how does he expect to ascend his draftcstock before Thursday, June 25, 2020 with only youtube videos…

Hopefully Mason and Isaiah recorded a workout prior to April 6. I am sure Muss, with inside information from NBA, advised the two of that.

This is just my 2 cents. I enjoyed watching Mason Jones play ball and hope he makes the best decision for himself! He left it all on the floor every game! With just a little more depth on last years team they could have won a lot more games.
There’s still a chance Mason Jones returns next season a very small chance. I’m hoping Joe returns.

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