Mason Jones released

He’s gotten to play in 32 games which is probably more than I expected. Hopefully somebody picks him up for the playoffs.

I am glad that Mason has played multiple games in the NBA. I hope that he can continue to upgrade his skills and have a successful NBA career. NBA careers are the focus of good young basketball players and having NBA players from your program are a great recruiting asset.

I feel sorry for Mason. He’s actually produced well for the sixers with the minimal minutes he’s played. His PER is 2nd on the entire team to just Embid. He was a 50% 3 point shooter. His asst/TO ratio was 3rd on the team.

When you were not drafted, it’s nearly impossible to prove yourself with these short minute stints with NBA teams. As far as getting into the league and sticking on a team, he would have probably been better off going the g-league or overseas route and being one of the stars on a team. He’s probably made more money this year though by getting these little short stints with NBA teams.

It was mostly garbage time when he and Isaiah got in the game, but he has definitely looked and shot better than Isaiah. But as you said Isaiah was drafted, Mason wasn’t. So Mason starts off with a handica.

No question about it. Since he signed a two-way contract with both Houston and Philly, he was eligible to make up to $450,000 this year. A G League standard deal tops out at $35,000.

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