Mason Jones named SEC PotW for 2nd time

Mason is beginning to look like a carbon copy of his brother Matt, who played SG at Duke. Especially since they look like they are carrying the same body weight now, although Mason is maybe an inch taller.

Mason is a much better scorer than Matt was. I think Matt averaged single digits points at Duke. Matt was a better defender but Mason has turned into a much better scorer. Don’t think Mason is athletic enough to make the NBA but has the kind of game where he could play in Europe for a long time if he wants.

Agree about Matt and Mason, although Matt’s per game average may have to do with all the talent around him. As far as athleticism, Mason is almost as athletic as Joe after slimming down, so he has a chance if he stays on course.

Mason Jones has taken on that leadership role 100%. Both vocal & by example.
He takes offense to being trash talked to. I like it!