Mason Jones/Muss/another option

Did anyone from the media ask about Mason Jones mouthing off in the face of Muss? I have seen this behavior before from Jones, but not this blatantly. As a pro coach you have to get past some of that, but in your honeymoon season at the college level? And what message does that send to the other players…lack or respect? Or is Mason Jones just wired that tight and we truly do not have another option. When a key play needs to be made, the opponents know who will take the shot. With Isiah Joe out, we need another option and that person needs to have confidence to go ahead and make the play. Witt seems to be hurt, maybe Desi. Would like to see Henderson get more time. Is the game of basketball important enough for Henderson or is he glad to be wearing a Hog uniform? Just have not seem any real production for Cylla. Worried about all these minutes headed down the stretch. Do not get me wrong, we have a great coach in place and he needs more options.

I have not seen anything definitive on what was being said between Muss and Mason. Does anyone know or has it been reported anywhere what was said?

I agree with you here, from what I saw, I thought Mason was irate at the officials. That’s why on the last foul, he put the ball down and walked right to the bench. I think Muss was a little irritated at them too, but was trying to get Mason calmed down.

Looked worse than what it was

It looked like the coach thought the player was going to get a technical and that’s what they were talking about.

Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a little animated yelling between a coach and player in a heat of the moment situation, blown so far out of proportion. Especially when it’s a coach and player who have, on more than one occasion, publicly talked about their special relationship.

Kind of what I expected was happening

Reminded me of what I’ve seen with Darrell Walker and Todd Day. Tempermental is the way I’d describe both of those. Mason has some of that in him. And, he’s got ability like those two, too.

There was another game earlier in the year where they had some confrontational words during a game. Jones was asked about that incident and he just smiled and laughed it off. He explained that all was good between them, and that’s just their relationship. He went on to explain how much they love each other and how much he appreciates Muss’s role in his getting better.

The first confrontation was kind of normal for them but the second was way out of line. Mason got up and charged at Muss and stuck his finger in his face. He was totally wrong for that.

He was physically crying after the first confrontation. Coach got on him hard and he just fell apart. Mason lets his emotions get the best of him at times. If he see’s the way he was acting on film I’m sure he will have wished it wouldn’t have happened.

I’ve coached many kids the last 25 years and have had some that did this exact same thing if not worse. One of the kids I could somewhat control the other one could never recover once he got mad. Mason really never recovered from it Saturday. He just kind of went through the motions.

You are right, Razorblack. Mason went too far, and I bet he really regrets it. However, I think things will be fine between the 2 of them going forward. There is too much love there.

I agree with you on this

I remember back in November, Mason building some brownie points with Muss by claiming that the previous coach did not do scouting of opponents and praising Muss for his scouting reports. Maybe he is cashing in on those brownie points.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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The losing and having so much of the responsibility of performing as such a high level in order for us to have a chance to win is probably just got the guy exhausted. I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

Is Mason playing Tuesday? Anybody hearing anything that he isn’t?


Passionate coach and player.

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Why would he not play? Is there some injury I haven’t heard about?

He traveled with the team. I doubt he won’t play.

I heard he may not start or play. But that’s just rumor

All right, have you guys been sneaking off to Hogville again?:grin:


What would Nolan have done if a player put a finger in his face and dropped a few F bombs on him?

Mason was way out of line.