Mason Jones just signed with the 76ers!

Man I hope this works out. Isiah and Mason together should help them both.


2020-2021 Arkansas Razorbacks vs 2021 Philadelphia 76ers?

I’m pretty sure Jaylin and Connor are shutting down embid all day just sayin. Them 2 backcourts are pretty even tho :man_shrugging:

Moses > everybody. No joke!

I thought Houston trading Oladipo would open up space for Mase in their backcourt, but I guess not.

I’m not sure their signing Mason is good for Joe. Isaiah hasn’t played in their last 6 games. They’ve all been “dnp coach’s choice”. The last time Joe’s seen the floor was the 35 point beat down of the Spurs on 3/14.

I don’t know about that Razorblack. They will be competing for the same spot.

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