Mason Jones is hands downs the SEC Player of the year

I have the feeling he won’t get it and the excuse will be because we have a losing record in conference.

If whoever votes has watched Mason play this year, there is no way they could deny him the award. He’s hands down the best player in the league. Who in the SEC has done more for his team than Mason?

I keep hearing people say he’s not very athletic, has slow feet, not a high flyer and so on. You don’t consistently hang over 20 on SEC teams if your nonathletic and slow. People said the same things about Paul Pierce in his early NBA years and he will be in the hall of fame soon.

Mason Jones is the true definition of a baller! I was really mad at him when he went off on Coach Muss that day on the sideline. To his credit he changed his demeanor on the sideline after that game.

What he has done from high school up to today is maybe one of the best stories I’ve ever seen. It takes a very special person to do what he has done. Corliss will always be my favorite hog but Mason is creeping in to my top 3 very fast.

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I think to many people ignore this part. I thought Dudley and RD had said on here one time that he didn’t start playing basketball until his SR year of HS. Then during the game (I think it was Saturday’s) the announcers brought it up. Said he didn’t start playing until his SR year, then a year of prep school, year of JUCO, and he’s in his 2nd year here. He’s only played ball for five years (and this is the middle of his fifth year), that’s incredible.

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Unfortunately POY goes to a player that helped his team win at a high rate and not the best player. Because people argue that, on a weaker team a great player can score at a higher rate than if he was on a stronger team.

Portis got POY because Arkansas finished second to Kentucky in the SEC race.

That being said how many games would we have won without him, considering the talent around him?
He’s played against the best the league has to offer and produced

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Portis got poy because he earned it.

I agree with both you and PJ. Portis did earn it, and he absolutely deserved it, but if we would have finished 10/11th in this standings that year, the media would have over looked him, and the award would have went to someone else.

If you watched them talking about it last night, they kind of hinted at that when they said Quickly would win it, and Edwards would be “rookie/newcomer/freshmen of the year.” They hinted at the records as to why Quickly was #1. Everything they said was the reason they were giving it to Quickly, absolutely fits both Edwards and Mason more than Quickly. It’s just the way they decide. They’ve done this for years in both basketball and football. When McFadden lost the Heisman to Smith, Herbstriet actually said it was because Smith was the best player on the best team, and not the best overall player (DMAC was). It’s kind of changed now, and they give it to the best player (Heisman), but I don’t think basketball has caught up yet, if they have then in my opinion either Mason or Edwards will get it.

I love the fact that Mason said in the presser that he deserved POY. He won’t get it because everybody always kisses Cal’s ass. Still, the internal motivation Mason has is special. I’ve never seen a Hog have a better season. I hope these kids get hot, take care of A&M, and win at least 2 in Nashville. If not, I think our NET is probably good enough to get 2 home games in the NIT. Regardless, I have had so much fun watching this team, and I can’t wait for next year! Go Hogs!

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Yes. But you yourself said Mason has earned it but won’t get it.

If it does indeed go to a Kentucky player, Nick Richards is more deserving than Quickley.

I actually agree with you 58

The discussion here is why the changed the title from Most Valuable Player to POY.

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