Mason Jones has committed to Arkansas...

Tonight per the kid himself.

He’s the 6-5 wing from Connors State.

What is your take on Jones? Everything seemed to have happened really fast for this guy.

I haven’t see him play or watched any video yet so it would be silly for me to offer up an opinion.

Yea, I was curious to how long the staff has been recruiting him as well. Everything moved extremely quick with him, just heard about the visit on Thursday and he commits on Saturday. And he said in the interview RD posted that he had already had a Hog offer. If CMA had already offered him typically that means they’ve been recruiting him a while.

I have seen enough video to see he can shoot it, but not enough to see if he can dunk it.

Same thing here hopefully he can dunk it at 6’5 because many layups get blocked in this league

Dudley, did I read your article correctly? This kid only played three years of basketball?

Watched his highlights. Of course, there wwas ere no defensive highlights, but on offense he looks good. Smooth shot. On his threes, he will remind you of Barford, including the step back three.

I don’t think he is an above average athlete. But of course he can dunk.

Hopefully Mike can put him in the game next year and he can do something more than just be able to hit wide open 3s.

CJ was borderline unplayable if he wasn’t hitting shots.

Jabril Durham said he and Mason’s brother Matt are like brothers. They played together at Desoto HS. Jabril said his younger brother and Mason are best of friends. He added that Mason is of high character and is a great shooter.

Can anyone link his highlights? I googled him and couldn’t find anything from this past season.

Is he actually 6-5? Barford was listed at 6-5 coming out of Motlow, but he ended up being 6-3.

Barford’s commitment page: … he-nation/

Barford’s SR bio: … n-barford/

LOL Barford shrunk when he moved to Fayetteville. I’m not sure why they inflated Barford’s height like that, I don’t think anybody actually thought Barford was 6-5 when they seen him on film. Just watching all those highlight tapes Jones does seem visibly taller than all the other guards. There’s even older articles from when he was in high school that said he was 6-4. So, him being around 6-5 now seems about right.

I would blame the Barford thing on the shoes, but I’m pretty sure AR measures with shoes on :wink:

Welcome aboard Mr. Jones your offensive stats are highly respectable, especially shooting the 3ball. I agree you will fit in nicely.

Now if we can ink another big this incoming class would have addressed any deficiencies, go hawgs,

He was the most MVP of their conference tourney and scored 31 points in the championship game. … 0311oep7k2

He also shot 59% on deuces and his FTA/FGA was fairly high. I know it is at a different level, but he may be more than just a knockdown shooter. Hannahs showed that you don’t have to be a plus athlete to get solid work done inside and outside the arc. His assists are pretty good for a designated shooter as well with a 1.6 A/TO ratio. He is probably a much more complete offensive player than either Hall or Jones was this season.

It did not take long to find another Jones. Hopefully this one has a better overall game.

Good shooting runs in the Jones family. Glad to have Matt’s brother and a Texas guy with the Hogs. Only thing to worry about is that he dud not play for his high school till he was a senior. But then again Gafford and Kingsley did not start much earlier than that.

BTW, thanks to Jabril Durham. He keeps recording assists even after exhausting his eligibility.