Mason Jones 'dialed in' as junior year nears

More from my interview with Mason Jones, which touches on his new approach this offseason and what drives him: … ear-nears/

I’ve been one of Jones’ biggest fans ever since he committed. It’s great to hear that he’s really concentrating on body fitness because he can take that next step in his development with better strength and athleticism.

I’m excited to see Jones and Whitt on the floor at the same time. Jones was 2nd in rebounding on the team last year with basically no hops. Since we struck out on Blackshear, we don’t have a player to replace Gafford’s rebounding. However, with Whitt, one of the best rebounding guards in the country, and a stronger and more athletic Jones, (and an experienced Chaney), we may end up with a better rebounding “team”.

I’m excited about basketball this season. The red-white game can’t get hear soon enough. Then comes my favorite week-ends of the year. A Fayetteville Friday night basketball game followed by a Saturday football game.