Mason J

Does anybody know if Mason Jones can dunk?..If our walk on player can dunk Mason at 6’5 should be able to right

BTW, that walkon player, Jonathan Holmes, is no longer on the team.

I’ve seen him elevate enough, that yes, without a doubt, he can dunk. I was also told (not positive it was factual) that he was experiencing knee problems last season and getting regular weekly treatments, and didn’t want to risk damage unnecessarily.? I also noticed in a couple of video tweets the last few weeks, that he was elevating nicely on his jump shots, which last year, in his videos, were more push shots. So, if he did have knee problems, maybe that’s all healed.

I watched a long highlight video of his and not one time did he attempt a dunk. And, he had multiple opportunities. I also noticed that he was a great position rebounder by muscling his way to the spot. If he, indeed has his hops back, he will be an excellent rebounder for the Hogs.

That’s too bad. Loved that guy.

Good stuff thanks for the reply