Mason and Scotty

Lots of posts about Mason’s NBA prospects. My own view is that he is a lot like Scotty Thurman–great college player, who is able to hide his below average athleticism for his position by being a really savvy player. In the NBA though, where so much is iso and athleticism is through the roof, Scotty’s lack of foot speed was really exposed which his why he couldn’t make an NBA team. Suspect Mason will be similar. He will have great career in Europe or G-league and maybe some chances in NBA (ala Dusty Hannah) but doubt he would get drafted this year.

that is a very good comparison/analysis… i agree with you on this.

I don’t know about Mason’s views on this, but I don’t think being drafted matters to some of the underclassmen who declare. They just want to get paid, even if it is in the G-League or overseas.

Last year there were 86 underclassmen who declared for the draft. When you factor in the other prospects (college seniors, international players), many had to know they were declaring without having much of a chance to be taken in a 60-pick draft.

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