Masks still required at games

In case there was any confusion, the statewide mask mandate being lifted does not apply to Razorback games. Masks will still be required for the foreseeable future.

Good. The pandemic isn’t over. We have a few million more shots to give before it’s gonna be safe to be in crowds without masks.

Unless you’re fully vaccinated.

True, but even for those of us who are vaccinated (I am), we don’t know yet how long it will last. Pfizer reported good immunity six months out this week, but I’ll go past the six month mark in late July and I wouldn’t feel safe going to a football game in September without a mask. I understand Moderna and Pfizer are both studying booster shots.

I’m going on 7 months and I have absolutely zero problems being without a mask. Some of the earliest volunteers in phase II are in a booster shot trial, but the blood work numbers are still good on me. I’ve got 11 more months for them to take them.

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