Maryland situation sounds a bit like ours last November

Our BOT wanted Bielema out, and if Jeff Long didn’t want to fire him immediately, Long had to go too. Or so I’ve heard.

At Maryland, in the wake of a football player’s death from heat stroke, the Maryland BOT wants to keep the coach and the AD anyway, but the school president wants them gone. So the president is being told to keep the coach/AD or else. Apparently he is choosing the “or else”.

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Is there pending lawsuits over the players death? I would think so, once that’s settled heads may or may not roll then.

Not filed but one is cooking.

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BOT probably making right decision at this point then.

If I were the president, or the AD, I would have fired Durkin. He’s responsible for everything in that program and allowed a situation to exist that led to the kid’s death. UM has already largely admitted responsibility for the death so a lawsuit should be a slam dunk, or more likely UM will reach a settlement to avoid an extended and embarrassing trial.

Regardless of where the blame lies, my feeling is that you have to clean house.

That too, but the trustees appear to be digging their heels in on this. Maybe their BOT needs a thorough cleaning as well.

The most important thing we have is our Children. When someone sets up an environment without looking out for the safety and welfare of his players as a coach, AD, President or BOT they are worthless and should be fired.
Clean house from top to bottom. Even the folks that cut the grass.

The AD and Coach are staying, no proof either did anything wrong & the so called toxic atmosphere couldn’t be proven.

Durkin was reinstated today and held a team meeting tonight. Several players walked out of the meeting, including some starters. And the McNair family is outraged that he was reinstated. The wrongful death lawsuit is a leadpipe cinch now and UM will lose.

I’m completely baffled as to why the trustees, who are supposed to be the adults in the room, have doubled down on a coach who doesn’t even appear to be very good. This looks like something the Auburn trustees would pull, but then Auburn’s biggest bag man was a trustee.

The president of UM has just announced his resignation, effective June 2019.