Maryland site on Enos leaving

How did this thread go from “Maryland site on Enos leaving” to an episode on the Travel Channel



I turn 72 on Saturday and my family is taking me to New Orleans for a long weekend to celebrate. We plan to eat at Felix’s Friday night, Pascal Manale’s (gigantic bbq shrimp) Saturday, and Brunch at Commander’s Palace on Sunday. We have a VRBO house rented in the Garden District. I plan to spend most of the day Saturday at the WW2 Museum while they go to Jackson Square, flea markets, etc. I think Sunday afternoon we may do a riverboat cruise or go to the Mardi Gras float museum. I have 3 grandsons, 11, 8, & 5 so we will not be out late or hanging out in the French Quarter.

In other words, we have exhausted this topic.

I have eaten at those places many times and never had a bad outing. In my opinion , that is a five star birthday and I am jealous. Best wishes.

I am happy about Enos too. He was good when here before and seems excited to be back. Looking forward to his first press conference.

I have done the thing of going through family stuff and it was both heartwarming and heart breaking. I wish you the best. I was glad to have done it when finished but not interested in doing it again. I miss my parents the older I get.

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True…and my post wasn’t a complaint but mainly amused

Understood & agreed. Many of these posts evolve into another topic (“hijacked” as some refer to it), perhaps more so now that football season is over. I am guilty of the same.

Much more familiar with Cocta Rica and Panama, a little about Belize, but Nicaragua on the west coast area is nice. Grenada and Matagalpa have a lot to offer. Government and medical availability make Costa Rica a #1 target for Americans. Panama is a cool place to visit, my nephew and his wife much prefer Costa Rica (her parents are Puerto Rican).

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A famous fly fishing guide from our area (Hank Wilson, top guide at Gastons for decades) moved to Belize about 12 months ago. He built a condo on a beach. He fishes every day in flip flops. I don’t know how he pulled it off and kept his wife happy. She doesn’t like to eat fish or try to catch them. Hank is a heckuva dude.

I reviewed his book about the time he left the country. One thing that threw me off, I sent him a note to gain permission to write about it. But his email wasn’t HankWilson. It was HankWeird. I finally asked him about that over breakfast after he brought me a lot of his fly tying stuff. He said, "My last name is Weird. But Jim Gaston (owner of the resort) suggested it would be a good idea to pick a different last name. So he had a stage name, so to speak. Mr. Gaston didn’t think customers would want to fish with a weird guide.

Lot of cool places to live, but Norfork is alright.

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We vacationed in Belize a couple of summers ago. An interesting place in the sense that the first language is English instead of Spanish (the former British Honduras). Because of this, citizens of Belize are not considered Hispanic (Brazilians aren’t either since they are of Portuguese heritage). Has a small population (only 400K). The thing I remember most are the mosquitos and flies. I came home with odd growths on the skin from the bites. It took a while to get rid of them. Do recommend a visit.

Ran into several retirees from the US when we vacationed awhile back. I assume it’s still an attractive place to retire.

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I love Mountain Home and that entire area.

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities and I’ve been all over the world. The outrageous amounts of money produced by the companies in the area has created some serious pressure points with not great solutions. Regardless it’s still a fantastic city to hang out in. I’d take it over New Orleans (best food city I know) any day.

And if you get tired of San Francisco, head up to Sonoma. Ha. Anywhere they serve food will be good.

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Oh I’ve frequented sonoma, napa, etc… many times and always enjoyed it from all the angles. :slight_smile:

My wife and I attended a wedding in the SF City Hall which is way more cool than it sounds. Huge lobby, stairs, etc. and many weddings there. Then the receptionw as at a winery on an island in the middle of the bay. They had buses pick up and bring back to hotels after the reception and the view of the city lights from the middle of the bay was unbelievable. We enjoyed the City and it was extremely scenic in a relatively small area. When the wedding was over, we had to delay the bride and groom departing with rice throwing to their limo because an Animal Rights Protest was going on in front of the City Hall. A couple of us went out to watch and there were 30-40 people standing around talking with signs laying on the ground. A TV van pulled up, set up their camera, the reporter got her microphone ready, and the protestors proceeded to gang up behind her ranting and raving like crazy. As soon as the light went off on the camera, they all shut up and wandered off. Then it was our turn to have the bride and groom send off. A very California experience. Enjoyed our visit to SF but it is not high on our list for a return visit. About in the middle of the list.

Cool story I love the diversity of styles in the U.S.


Happy Birthday! I’m 72 also, turn 73 in August. When I first went to New Orleans in the late 60s Felix’s was the first place my parents took me. And it was my first time at Commander’s Palace. Used to go to Pascal’s Manale a lot when I was at Tulane, went back last year for the first time in 50 years, and the bbq shrimp were as good as ever.If you went to the Mardi Gras Museum I’m sure it blew the grandkids’ minds. I find the riverboat cruise a little boring, there’s not much to see, but if you combine it with the Aquarium at the start and the zoo at the end it’s pretty good. First time I did the WWII Museum, shortly before it opened, a guy who landed in the beaches at Normandy was our personal guide, they don’t do that anymore but he was amazing.

Would love your review. Hope you had a safe, dignified blast.


I first went to the WW2 Museum 7 years ago and it has grown and expanded amazingly since then. I spent five hours there and the time flew by. 42 years ago, my wife and I stayed at the Columns Hotel on St. Charles and we took our two daughters back to their garden patio for afternoon cocktails and a tour of the Hotel. It is an amazing piece of New Orleans History. Brooke Shield’s first movie, Pretty Baby, was filmed there. This was my first time at Commanders Palace and we had Sunday Brunch in the upstairs Garden Room with a 100+ year old Live Oak just outside our window. Lally Brennan, one of the two lady cousins who now own it came to our table to wish me a Happy Birthday. Commanders Palace

Every course for our table of 8 was served simultaneously by a waiter for each person. The staff was a well oiled machine and the food and service was amazing. The grandkids really liked Mardi Gras World getting to touch and be photographed by hundreds of amazing Mardi Gras art pieces both for this year and going way back in the past.

It was a great Birthday present weekend.