Maryland site on Enos leaving

Some of this is sour grapes, I’m sure, but Terps HC may not have totally seen eye to eye with DE.

And he’s already scrubbed from the coaching staff on the Terps website.

After reading the article sounds like several coaches are leaving as well. As far as sour grapes I’ll bet there was fans ripping on the TCU OC who left, it goes with the territory. WPS

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Not a fan of College Park area.


And lots of fans ripping the TCU new OC too. I haven’t seen many happy about this hire at all.

Yep. Some of it is football-oriented, some of it is people who don’t want anything to do with anyone associated with Daddy Briles’ Baylor regime. Which I can understand.

Only redeeming value is that it was the site of UTEP’s (Then Texas Western) stunning National Championship win over heavily favored Kentucky in the Final Four, 1966.

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Count me excited about Enos’ return. He knows the area, knows the fans, knows what we can do when the Program is locked in, and I genuinely enjoyed his schemes.

I’m a happy Hog fan.



Totally agree!! May not be the “splashy” hire, but a very good one in terms of QB development, and play calling. I think he and CSP will get along very well, and I don’t see DE leaving for several years; as long as the offense produces… And, I think it will…


much prefer Enos to having returned Jim Chaney to sideline/box. I think knowing Sam and the program is a huge advantage. Enos has had some educational stopovers and I hope his recruiting has been sharpened. I always liked the Enos that I saw on reports or read while he did his Fayetteville time. I remember him having simultaneous great QB and RB which makes slipping into the groove pretty easy for 2023. Sam’s OL may have been in it’s prime and probably had a lot to do with OC Enos success. Hope for a return to glory on the OL and DL

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This is a splashy hire for me. I liked Enos the first time around. I’m happier than a pig in slop. :wink:


I’m liking Enos, wouldn’t surprise me to see TCU to take a step back next year! WPS

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Will he take over recruiting on the road in a minivan like KB or go eco in a Prius?

The red zone will improve! I hope.

Hope we get him another Hunter Henry like TE to work with. Certainly weren’t many complaints about not throwing to the TE his first time around.


Let’s see, Clay, you don’t like College Park, you don’t like New Orleans, pretty sure you couldn’t abide Austin and Baton Rouge, are there any places you like besides Fayetteville and fishing spots?

This is the thing.

I’m not sure whether or not you meant to imply that TCU would slide because of Briles. But leaving him out of the equation, the reality is - and FULL credit to them - they waaaay over-achieved this season. Won 2 or 3 games they easily could have lost…maybe should have in some cases (Baylor). Split 2 games with a good (not great) K. State team. Beat a mediocre Texas by 7, and a worse SMU team by just 8. Nipped a 7 win Okie Lite by a field goal.

The ball bounced their way almost every time this year. Realistically, they were a 3 loss, #15 team that got their best-case scenario.

That doesn’t tend to happen in back-to-back seasons (as we found out this year compared to 2021). In 2023 (schedule not released yet), they probably come back to reality. 9-3 is not a bad season, but it will be viewed from the outside as a “slide”. KB may have purchased a stock at it’s historical high, and it may prove to be difficult to get back to that level any time soon.

Or, it may have been a brilliant move and the Frogs might be poised for a surprising run in the CFP. I guess we’ll find out.


I see TCU repeating what Cincinnati did after their great season.

I also think they overachieved, Sonny Dykes walked in at the best time possible and exactly the opposite for Briles. When you go to a program or new job you want to make a good showing right away, could be very difficult I’m thinking. Going back to Texas for Briles is something he was going to do eventually, hopefully it works out for him and us as well. WPS