Maryland @ Illinois tonight...the "game within the game"

The offensive coordinator for the Terps tonight?

One Dan Enos…

looks like it will be tied 3-3 at halftime

A veritable shootout.

Funny…right after I noticed Enos was the OC (in the first half), they drove right down to the Illinois 8, first and goal. They had gotten there with “regular” running plays, maybe one or two conservative passes thrown in.

So, on first down, what do they do? A double-reverse, end-around. Guy got thrown for about a 7 yard loss, and they end up kicking a FG when it appeared they were rolling for a TD.

THAT play call really did remind me of Enos. We did move the ball well with the offensive personnel we had back then (B. Allen, Alex C, J. Williams, Drew Morgan, etc.)…however, he did seem to call odd-ball trick plays at times when we didn’t seem to need them, and frequently they would blow up in our face, similar to what happened to Maryland in the sequence tonight that I described.

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The Bielemas gave up 10 points in the final five minutes to lose 20-17. Sounds familiar…


It certainly does.

Instant replay, unfortunately for Bert

Brett not having much fun in IL. I guess the JD is still good though.

He totally mismanaged the end of the game.

They (Illinois) had the ball, tie game, at about their own 35 - first down, aboutg 1:20 to go. He had 2 time outs, Mayland had all 3.

On first down, the Illini QB takes an 11 yard sack. In that moment, he should have let the clock roll, take all of the allotted 40 seconds, and try to play for OT. Reason being that his offense had not done anything (except for a fluke play where they completed a pass, the WR fumbled when he was hit, and another WR picked it up and ran for a TD) for several possessions. There was virtually NO chance that they were going to get within FG range with a second and 21 from their own 24 and just over a minutes to go.

But Bert calls a timeout. Now, unless he pulls a first down out of his arse, they are going to have to turn the ball back over to Maryland, and since Illinois called the timeout, Maryland would have at least one Timeout left and probably 40 seconds. And this was a suddenly hot Maryland offense that had just gone 80 yards for a TD in less than 2 minutes.

At that point, he should have run the ball. He would not have gotten the first down, but at least he would have made Maryland burn their TO’s AND not have lost any more ground. Instead, they drop back…and get sacked again! Now, Maryland uses a timeout with just over a minute left. 3rd down and 29 to go from the 17 YL, where it should have been 3rd and - say - 18 from the 28 or so, and about 30 seconds left.

So…NOW you run the ball and punt - right? Noooo…Illinois drops back to pass again, gets rushed and the QB throws the pass to an OL who catches it. Penalty for grounding - which is also loss of down. Now it’s 4th and 36 from your own 8 and right at a minute to go - Maryland with 2 time outs. They punt, Maryland gets the ball about midfield, and drives down for the winning FG.

Typical mismanagement of the end game by Bielema.

That is pathetic play calling and strategy. Overtime was their best chance, even more so after the big loss on first down. Too much wishing and hoping. Doubt they win three more games.

That sounds like the kind of coaching malpractice that should result in someone losing their coaching license.

I don’t know how many of you noticed, but the game was decided on a FG by Petrino.

He came to kick and win the game. He didn’t come there to paint.

I prefer to think.of them as The Fighin Berts.

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