Maryland DT on OV

to the Hill.


Chances to get him?

Very good size I love to have him



Sounds good.

Enos influence?

Could be a really nice pick up for a position Of need!

yes, please!

I’m sure that probably helped a lot with it…

Hope we close the deal.

Looks to be a contributor right away, would be another quality addition. WPS

Richard anything on this ?

Would be a nice addition.

Optimistic but we’ll see.

I have been looking hard to find some video of him but none other than 2018 out of high school that I’ve been able to find anyway

Won’t be a surprise if he takes some other visits. Why not? He has plenty time to make a decision.

Well if he’s planning on making some other visits there’s always a concern he’s not as locked in as some think he is.

A 6:30 am headline at Hawgbeat says he committed, but no story talking about it and no other site even hints that this is so. Can anyone confirm? Really hope we get this guy.

He has spoken….this is the way!

Lol, there’s always that 1% chance I’m wrong! Actually, it’s probably a little higher than that, my source isn’t infallible.

Visiting Ohio St, so the % is going down, unfortunately.