Maryam Dauda commits to Baylor

Yuck! Thought we were going to get her. ghg


Baylor is probably the best women’s program in the country with the possible exception of South Carolina, since UConn has slipped slightly. But we have a few months to flip her.

Well Poop…


Ouch! Gosh darn. This one really hurts bad on so many levels. Very disappointing.

It’s my perception that the depth of truly talented 5-Star women’s basketball players is very shallow compared to other sports. And the very few superstars tend to flock together at the few elite programs and shy away from any programs fighting to get to the elite level. Resulting in a few elite schools which just pummel the opposition with easy wins, titles and lack of real competition.

They prefer to attend schools which have already made it “there”. I don’t know if its because of social media (“look at me, I’m going to the number one girls BB team”) or lack of desire to carry a team to the top. Much easier just to play with the other few superstars and pick up rings.

I prefer fighters like CSP. Not afraid of taking on great challenges. He has confidence in himself and enjoys the satisfaction of overcoming the odds. Which makes winning that more special and enriching.

I just wish we had more women’s basketball players with the same mindset as CSP. Especially when they are from Arkansas.


Good post, but who is CSP?

I believe it is Coach Sam Pittman.

Remember she didn’t grow up a fan. Arrived in the states in the 6th grade.

Good point RD. Maybe she just doesn’t understand Woo Pig Soooie.

I will admit that I’ve never followed women’s basketball too much, but I’m a big believer in Mike Neighbors. I really enjoy watching his teams play. He is pure Razorback through and through. We may end up losing Duada in the long run, but getting the commit from Jersey was a program changer. Duada wasn’t from here, just like Goforth. They didn’t grow up dreaming of being Razorbacks. I wish them well. Jersey is the one Neighbors couldn’t afford to lose, and he didn’t. That girl is gonna do big things wearing a Razorback uniform. I have no doubt in my mind. The thing I am most happy with is the fact that the coaches we have in the major sports on campus don’t look at Arkansas being a stepping stone. This is their dream job. That can only be a good thing.

But prior to Arkansas, she was in Nigeria. It is not like she came here from Texas. I think it is more of wanting to play at a blue blood.

ESPN rankings show 26 5-star players for men and 53 for women. Are you saying a good number of women’s 5 stars are overrated?

I had hoped she would be a Lady Razorback. I’m certain CMN recruited her with every legal means, but she just didn’t want to wear the Cardinal and White. GHG!

My great niece has worked out with Maryam and they are good friends. They have played against each other in HS the past couple of year. Maryam tells her before a game…”we’re friends now but when the game starts we’re not”. Very competitive/driven young lady. And from all accounts a wonderful person. Disappointed but not surprised. With the portal she could end up back on the hill. Who knows?

FWIW, I talked to someone that talks to her on a fairly regular basis and the person was somewhat surprised by her decision.

Sasha Goforth was born in Fayetteville.

And it is my understanding she wanted to leave Fayetteville and spread her wings.

Aloha PJ,

Your basketball IQ is infinitely superior to mine. I mean that sincerely. It is my opinion that there is far greater depth of quality elite talent (impact players) at the men’s level than women’s. Irregardless of any ESPN rankings.


Aloha PJ,

Concur. I fully understand she’s from Nigeria and was not born and reared in Arkansas. But Arkansas needs to recruit nationally/ internationally to become a Blue Blood. We had an excellent chance (in my opinion) with Maryam with her in our own backyard with a great coach and a program on the rise. She could have been the impact player to take UA to the top. Baylor is already there. What kind of a challenge is that for her? How rewarding is winning at Baylor compared to Arkansas? Very, very frustrating. But once again, we’re dealing with young adults. I have my on hands full with my pair of teenagers and their thought processes. Oh well.