Marvin Johnson

Is committing somewhere tomorrow at 6 pm. The long awaited saga that began months ago will come to an end tomorrow it seems.


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My man. Thank you Votan.

Love to have him. Would be a nice get.

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RD/ DD, what are our chances here?

Looks like OU here boys.

David Patrick.


Are you saying that if David Patrick was here, he would go with Arkansas?

No. Just saying that’s a big reason he would go to OU.

I got one right. I hope I made you proud dad.

I’m not the least bit disappointed that M. Johnson chose to commit elsewhere. So, let’s go get 2 bigs, or a big and a solid 3-pt shooter w/these last 2 scholies. But no need to rush completing the roster for next year. IMO, it could be well into July or even August before the coaching staff finalizes next season’s roster.

I believe coaches are waiting to see who withdraws their name from the NBA Draft. (Like last year when we got Justin Smith)

You definitely stay patient.

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Exactly, that is what some college coaches are doing. For example, reading the Kentucky fan board, that is the take on several high profile transfers Kentucky is waiting on, There will be a lot of transfer movement as the date for withdrawing from the draft nears or passes.

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