Marvin Johnson short list

@RichardDavenport how do we feel here?


Unlikely but won’t say 100% no either.

Dad are we still waiting on Mr.Bryce to call the Hogs? I wish he would hurry and join the boys in Fville.

He’s still a possibility.

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Thats good RD. Every morning I wake up and tell my wife good morning then immediately come to here to check for transfer portal updates just wishing for some good news on someone like a Bryce Hamilton or a similar player. I’ll keep that dream alive for now!

More interested in Bryson Williams. Any chance there? Thanks.

Why be disappointed? We’re talking about a 28% career 3-pt shooter.

Look, personally, I feel like the best use of the last 2 scholies is on 4/5s, as the team is kinda hurting for bigs right now.

But if the staff wants yet another perimeter player, at least find one that can shoot better than 28% from the 3-pt line.

Plus Johnson averaged nearly 5 turnovers per game last season. Yikes.

Feel like Arkansas is dodging a bullet with this kid potentially going elsewhere.

Just my $.02, so take it fwiw, which is basically nothing.

Shot selection has a lot to do with percentages. Ask JD

Agree. Further I don’t see a previous starter and highly productive wing coming here to compete for PT with Devo, JD, Toney, Robinson and Moore. There is a good chance already that one of those 5 doesn’t see the floor much, unless injuries strike or one of the transfers is a bust like Cella or Jackson.

Another one to watch.

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How about AJ Bramah? Arkansas got a shot?

At this time no.

This gives some insight into what is going on with Bryson.

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