Do you know the probable pitching matchups for this weekend series at Bama?

I feel sure that DVH will go with the same starting pitchers, but I have no insight. I’m not a reporter and I don’t play one on TV.

I did find an article from Bama about the weekend here. It lists the matchups.

You can find the Arkansas write up about the series here.

Bama went Finnerty, Love, Freeman last weekend against Ole Miss. Finnerty is really good. Love only went 1.2 and gave up 5 runs. Freeman went 2.1 and gave up 4 runs, so we might see different starters from them in games 2 and 3 than what they threw last week.

Thanks Marty I have just got use to you posting lineups and stuff and just thought you had it.

I looked up their last weekend staters and I’m like you and don’t think they would run the last 2 starters back out agaisnt is. It would be nice if they did.