Marty or Clay

Do either one of you have any idea about the Starting pitching this upcoming season?

I think it will fluctuate quite a bit early on to give some different pitchers a look on the weekends.

Isaiah Campbell is going to start on Fridays. I could see any number of pitchers starting the other games, including Kevin Kopps, Kole Ramage, Patrick Wicklander, Jacob Kostyshock and Caleb Bolden.

Zebulon Vermillion and Matt Cronin are expected to be end-of-the-bullpen pitchers.

There’s some good options. I’m hoping Knopps has a good year. Campbell will be the hoss of the rotation if he can avoid injury.
The bull pen appears to be in good shape.

From what I saw in the fall, Matt listed all of those that impressed me: Campbell, Kostyshock, and Wicklander certainly were among the best.

If Kopps is able to throw 60-80 pitches and his elbow holds up, I am betting he’s a starter. I figure there will be someone we aren’t counting on that really meshes with the new pitching coach, Matt Hobbs, and makes a jump. That always seems to happen. Matt listed the guys that I liked in the fall.

I hope Campbell mellows some this season. Last season it seemed he had some big highs and big lows. When he was on, he was a sight to behold, but when the wheels wobbled, you better pull him because it was about to come apart.
He’s so talented, I hope he figures out how to spread that out over a few more innings every weekend.

based on what little video i saw of Wicklander,its going to be hard to keep him out of the Rotation,has nasty stuff and you need a LHP in the there.

I get the sense that Van Horn really liked what he saw from Wicklander in the fall. His ability to locate to both sides was impressive. In his last scrimmage he struck out Casey Martin and Heston Kjerstad two times apiece. That shows something.

Yes that’s exactly right Matt I saw the video of him striking out Martin and he painted the corner on the outside corner and then came back with a hard slider in on his hand and struck him out. He could be crucial for us

How much work from the stretch has Campbell done and does he look more comfortable in it?

Have not seen any comments concerning Conner Noland, where do you guys think he fits in?

I think he will be a reliever right now. It’s difficult to know what to expect from him because he did not go through fall practice.

im looking forward to baseball season and it’s really not that long until it starts. I like football and basketball but I love baseball.

I would think that Cody Scroggins will get a close look, after his exceptional work in the fall.

Campbell really concentrated on pitching from the stretch in the fall. His work in the bullpen was all from the stretch and it looked solid in the scrimmages and games against Wichita State and UALR. The best example of that came against UALR when he got out of a bases load jam with no outs. In tha past, that didn’t happen too often.

Wes Johnson told me in September that Scroggins has “back-end stuff” and was not a starting candidate. Could that change? Maybe, but I not think it will. It is difficult to endure starter innings when you throw as hard as he does.

That’s really a compliment for Scroggins.
There may be some youth on the pitching staff but they have talent. How do we stack up against the rest of the SEC? I know LSU is loaded after the luck of the draft not taking their top talent.