Marty and Matt.

Well what does the weather look like for tomorrow game?

Not Marty or Matt, but NWS predicts high of 46 tomorrow with wind chill around 40. Wind out of the southwest which would be blowing across from right field to left.

Unpleasant, but tolerable.

Casey Martin says hello.

The southwest wind is the key. It has been out of the north the last several days and that has been pushing the wind chill about 10-15 degrees below the actual temperature. Tomorrow it should feel like 46. I might break out my shorts.

I wore a camo fishing stocking cap at football practice yesterday. It has wind stopper liner. It helped a little. It was too cold with that wind. Media only allowed the first 20 minutes. That was enough of that cold wind for me.

Best present that I got yesterday was the cancellation of the baseball game.