Martin's tattoo a tribute to family and faith

Casey Martin and his mother, Jennifer, who’s battled thyroid cancer, talked to me last week about the meaning behind the tattoo on his right forearm, which can sometimes be partly covered up by wrist tape: … and-faith/

Great stuff, and a really insightful piece. Thanks.

Thank you. I actually talked to Casey about the tattoo twice - the first time was May 30 before regional play, then again on Friday after Arkansas practiced indoors. I initially wanted to write this last weekend, but had a hard time getting in touch with his mom. I did not want to write the story without talking to her. She was terrific, and she began to cry when I told her Casey said she was probably the strongest person in his life.

Awesome article. When a person/ball player is that devoted to family and faith it usually carries over to anything else they do.
DVH knew he was getting a dedicated kid, whether he made it or not he would apply himself 110+ percent.
Hats off to ya Casey and Mom to.

Well done, a great young man and family…

Excellent Scottie. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

Casey will be remember for a long, long time.

Thanks Scottie. I always enjoy learning more about the players and their families.