Martin struggling

0 for 7 last game and this one so far. Average from over .300 to I think they said .260. Kjerstad not much better

Yes him and kjerstad both are awful right now but they’re very capable breaking out of it on one at-bat let’s hope they do

MartIn needs to go the other way. Let the ball get deep! He isn’t seeing the ball! It looked like Heston was coming out of the funk but tonight he’s loooing rough too.

Yes Martin could be a lot better hitter than he is that he would go the other way

This team might be scary good when both of them turn it around…

That’s baseball. Rarely does an entire lineup fire on all cylinders. Matt Goodheart is a good player, but he’s in a funk, too. They are going to see a lot of lefty pitching this weekend and there are quite a few lefties in this Arkansas lineup. Southern Cal had lots of lefty pitching, too. I always am surprised when I see a college team with this much lefty pitching. Now, mostly it’s soft toss dudes. And, they just don’t see that in their own scrimmages, practices leading up to the season. You’d think that would be easy to adjust to, but it’s not.

I thought Martin, Kjerstad, Fletcher and Goodheart would lead the team in hitting this season. All are in a funk and the team is 11-1. Maybe they have played bad competition, but I think that record with those batting stats is pretty incredible.

I thought LH pitching would be this team’s Achilles heel because I didn’t know if the right-handed would be able to come through but they have which is awesome and very encouraging. I think good heart has a very good hitter to he is just too anxious right now kind of like kjerstad and Martin I think if we can get those three guys going and then the other guys keep producing this lineup will be awesome the pitching is good enough to get us back to Omaha hopefully

I think we should bench those 2 and forfeit the rest of the season.

#1 player in the draft is in his head

Thank good ness for the addition of Franklin and Ezell

I don’t think it’s that so much as he isn’t seeing the off-speed pitches very well right now. He’s out in front of everything.

He is hitless in his last 15 at-bats. Before that he was batting .351. This hasn’t been a season-long slump by any means. I thought he played pretty well the first couple of weeks.

I’m rooting for Trey Taylor to keep coming on. He is just a freshman but he has the look of a ballplayer.

Oops, I think I meant Trey Harris.