Martin, Nance, Patton ready to impact early (story)... … getting-e/

[quote=“DudleyDawson”] … getting-e/
[/quote]Maybe I am the one overreacting, but these guy’s seem like possible NFL players and nobody seems to be paying attention because of what the team did last year, especially on defense. This looks like a step up in recruiting. Am I wrong ?

Are there 6 or 7 freshman enrollees? Article mentions 6 but list 7. If 6 who shouldn’t be on the list. Thx

To my knowledge, Williams hasn’t signed his FAA but plans on enrolling early. He can sign it on the plane ride to Fayetteville, or even when he gets here.

There are 7 high school signees and 10 overall.

My math skills were obviously lacking that day. :sunglasses: