Martin from Vandy shows why you jump on that first pitch

Absolutely crushed it! Time and time again I see us take a pitch right down the middle on the first pitch. Never have never will understand that. The pitcher is not going to try to get behind in the count.

How about those Vandy uniforms? I think they are awful. Worse than the awful one’s they wore in Nashville in the first game of our series.

I agree LD they have the ugliest uniforms I’ve ever seen in my life :joy::joy:

Naw, I think the SMS (Missouri State) camo uniforms are the ugliest that I’ve seen.

If you win with ugly uniforms, I’ll take it.

Marty they were some Narly ones for sure :joy:

Agree with you on MoState, Marty, along with those gray monstrosities with the giant bear head on the front.

But as a collection of ugly, Vandy’s wardrobe takes the cake.

This one here is the worst ever